The Robinswood Series Bundle

Books 1 & 2

21 Std. 20 Min.
The Robinswood Story


This bundle includes the first two books in the Robinswood series. In the first book, What Once Was True, two families, one of grandeur and one of the working class, navigate the conflicts associated with the looming war ahead. Despite delusions of grandeur, Lord and Lady Kenefick and their adult children live a life of decayed opulence as the money needed to keep such a house and grounds ever dwindles. Meanwhile, the Murphy family lives and works on the estate and does their best to keep everything running smoothly. Everyone knows their place, but as war looms, both families find themselves drawn into the conflict and begin questioning everything that once was true. In the second book, Return to Robinswood, years of neglect and abandonment have left the family seat of the Keneficks almost derelict, but the new Lord Kenefick and his charming young wife Kate are determined to breathe life into the old house once more. But the shadows of the past and the war are ever lurking, and there are many who are not willing to see the new Lady Kenefick as anything more than the housekeeper's daughter. Kate’s family, the Murphys, find themselves once more inextricably entwined with both the Keneficks and Robinswood, but this time everything is different—or at least so they hope.




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21 Std. 20 Min.





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Dreamscape Media

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