The Missing Gospels- Darrell L. Bock

7 Std. 57 Min.


Is Jesus who you think He is? Embark on this tour of the new claims as well as the controversial writings, examining their origins and comparing them with traditional sources.

Perhaps you've heard the recent buzz about "alternative Christianities" and "new gospels." Speculations have shown up in magazines, documentaries, popular fiction, and even on the big screen. Much of the controversy stems from a library of ancient texts found at Nag Hammadi, Egypt

Now revolutionary questions about the Christian faith are being raised as a result of these findings:

Is Jesus truly a divine Savior or just a teacher of wisdom?Is orthodoxy a by-product of third-century or fourth-century theologians?Did Judas betray Jesus because of evil intent or a request by Jesus?Does salvation include the physical body or just the soul?

Theology professor and author Darrell L. Bock takes on those scholars who want to reinterpret Christianity in light of early Gnostic teachings that denied the oneness of the Father and the Son and spiritualized the gospel stories into myths.

With discussion questions for group or individual study at the end of each chapter, The Missing Gospels will help you understand the messages of all these writings so you can form your own opinion. This provocative work could even change what you believe!

Study questions and a bibliography are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.





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7 Std. 57 Min.





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