The Life of Christopher Columbus- Edward Everett Hale, Christopher Columbus

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To these days, the best authorities agree that the children and the grown people of the world have never been mistaken when they have said: "America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, a native of Genoa". But what do we really know about the man behind this name, the life behind the myth? Discover the man that experienced incredible adventures, the man with ferocious drive, but still a man of flesh and blood whose life story, spirit and destiny will move you in a way you didn't expect.
Early Life of Columbus:
Birth and Birth Place
Early Education
Marriage and Residence in Lisbon
Plans for the Discovery of a Westward Passage to the Indies
Columbus Leaves Lisbon, and Visits Genoa
Visits Great Spanish Dukes
Six Years at the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella
The Council of Salamanca
Petition at Last Granted—squadron
The Great Voyage:
The Squadron Sails
Refits at Canary Islands
Hopes and Fears of the Voyage
The Doubts of the Crew
Land Discovered
The Landing on the Twelfth of October
The Natives and Their Neighbors
Search for Gold
Cuba Discovered
Columbus Coasts Along Its Shores
Landing on Cuba
The Cigar and Tobacco
Cipango and the Great Khan
Cuba to Haiti
Discovery of Haiti or Hispaniola
Hospitality and Intelligence of the Natives
Colony to Be Founded
Columbus Sails East and Meets Martin Pinzon
The Two Vessels Return to Europe
The Azores and Portugal
Columbus Is Called to Meet the King and Queen
His Magnificent Reception
Negotiations With the Pope and With the King of Portugal
The Second Expedition Sails From Cadiz
Touches at Canary Islands
Discovery of Dominica and Guadeloupe
Skirmishes With the Caribs
Porto Rico Discovered
The Fate of the Colony at La Navidad
The New Colony Guacanagari
Discovery of Trinidad ...
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