The Greatest Works of Rafael Sabatini- Rafael Sabatini

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Musaicum Books presents to you this unique Rafael Sabatini collection, formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents:
Captain Blood
The Lovers of Yvonne
The Tavern Knight
Bardelys the Magnificent
The Trampling of the Lilies
The Shame of Motley
St. Martin's Summer
Mistress Wilding
The Lion's Skin
The Strolling Saint
The Gates of Doom
The Sea Hawk
The Snare
Fortune's Fool
The Carolinian
Short Stories:
The Justice of the Duke:
The Honour of Varano
The Test
Ferrante's jest
Gismondi's wage
The Snare
The Lust of Conquest
The pasquinade
The Banner of the Bull:
The Urbinian
The Perugian
The Venetian
Other Stories:
The Red Mask
The Curate and the Actress
The Fool's Love Story
The Sacrifice
The Spiritualist
Mr. Dewbury's Consent
The Baker of Rousillon
Wirgman's Theory
The Abduction
Monsieur Delamort
The Foster Lover
The Blackmailer
The Justice of the Duke
The Ordeal
The Tapestried Room
The Wedding Gift
The Camisade
In Destiny's Clutch
The Vicomte's Wager
Sword and Mitre
The Dupes
The Malediction
The Red Owl
Out of the Dice Box
The Marquis' Coach
The Lottery Ticket
The Duellist's Wife
The Ducal Rival
The Siege of Savigny
The Locket
The Devourer of Hearts
The Matamorphasis of Colin
Annabel's Wager
The Act of The Captain of the Guard
The Copy Hunter
Gismondi's Wage
Playing with Fire
The Scourge
The Night of Doom
The Driver of the Hearse
The Plague of Ghosts
The Risen Dead
The Bargain
Kynaston's Reckoning
The Poachers
The Opportunist
The Sentimentalist
Casanova's Alibi
The Augmentation of Mercury
The Priest of Mars
The Oracle
Under the Leads
The Rooks and the Hawk
The Polish Duel
Casanova in Madrid
The Outlaw of Falkensteig
D'Aubeville's Enterprise
The Nuptials of Lindenstein
The Outlaw and the Lady
The Jealousy of Delventhal
The Shriving of Felsheim
Loaded Dice
Of What Befel at Bailienochy
After Worcester Field
The Chancellor's Daughter…
Historical Works:
The Life of Cesare Borgia
Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition
The Historical Nights' Entertainment – 1st and 2nd Series
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