The Greatest Crime Novels of Frank L. Packard (14 Titles in One Edition)- Frank L. Packard

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"The Adventures of Jimmie Dale" – Jimmie Dale is a wealthy playboy by day, but at night he becomes The Gray Seal, a master thief and safe-breaker.
"The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale" – The Gray Seal is back into the New York's underworld, after the woman he loves disappears.
"Jimmie Dale and the Phantom Clue" – Jimmie Dale is back in the underworld of New York, and he is destined to find the criminal known as the Phantom.
"Jimmie Dale and Blue Envelope Murder" – A friend of Jimmie Dale is found dead after receiving a mysterious blue envelope, and Jimmie is accused.
"The Miracle Man" – Group of con artists have a plan to make millions using a faith healing fraud.
"The Belovéd Traitor" – Story of a betrayal set between Paris and New York.
"The Sin That Was His" – A crooked man, wrongly accused of a murder, disguises himself as a priest in order to escape charges.
"The Wire Devils" – The Hawk is a safe-breaker, jewel thief, and one of the cleverest 'gentleman' burglars and he keeps outsmarting other crooks.
"From Now On" – Tale of a spiritual transformation of an ex-convict and a thief.
"The White Moll" – A fearless heroine crime fighter is framed, and she must confront the most notorious gang in New York.
"Pawned" – An exciting tale of a gambler and his adventures in New York.
"Doors of the Night" – Billy Kane is framed for a robbery and murder. While on the run, he must prove his innocence.
"The Four Stragglers" – Four ex-soldiers form a high-class international burglary organization.
"The Red Ledger" – Old man keeps a record of all people who done him wrong and settles the score.
Frank Packard (1877-1942) was a Canadian novelist best known for his Jimmie Dale mystery series. He also wrote number of railroad stories and novels.
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