Rally Trading

The Most Powerful Training Strategy Applied To Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

- Giacomo Bruno

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It is true, Bitcoin has fallen 70% in the last few months. But it is not the first time. In the last eight years, Bitcoin has “crumbled” dozens of times but, despite of what newspapers and media say, it never died. Indeed it is more alive than ever. The fact is that although these roller coaster, typical of cryptocurrencies, 4.000 dollars invested in Bitcoin in 2010 are worth over 400 million dollars. Yes, you read well, we are talking about a multiplication of over one hundred thousand times.Opportunities like these happen only once in the lifetime and as you can understand, it is a topic you need to know and to study. This book will guide you step by step.

UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES The reason why what is really changing the current economy is not Bitcoin but the technology behind it. What the Bitcoin price growth is due to. The reason why thinking that Bitcoin is a “financial bubble” ready to burst is a false myth.WHAT IS RALLY TRADING Rally Trading: what it is and how it allows you to earn by investing in cryptocurrencies. The secret to identify the exact moment to invest to be profitable. The perfect day to make the most from cryptocurrencies rallies.HOW TO PREPARE TO RALLY TRADING The first step to do if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. How to buy cryptocurrencies with low commissions. How to transfer cryptocurrencies to your favorite exchange.HOW TO SELECT THE BEST CRYPTOCURRENCIES What is the fundamental criterion you have to keep in mind when you select the cryptocurrency on which you want to invest. Why the growth of a cryptocurrency is not a significant value. How to use a graph to understand if it is the right moment to invest.REAL-TIME ANALYSIS OF COINS How to accurately analyze the trend of the coins through the study of the graph. The main indicators to keep in mind before investing. How to understand if a cryptocurrency is really interesting and profitable to invest on it.BUYING STRATEGIES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCIES Money management: what it is and why it is fundamental for your trading strategy. The formula to calculate the maximum amount to invest on a single currency. The only tool you really need of to track transactions and profits.INVESTMENT RELEASE STRATEGIES The trailing stop strategy: what it is and how to implement it. The take profit strategy: what it is and how to use it to multiply your profits in a short time. The stop loss strategy: what it is and how to use it as a parachute in case of sudden pricing drops.HOW TO MANAGE A SHARED PORTFOLIO Why RallyClub™ is really useful to train yourself and to be profitable in cryptocurrencies trading. Why "paper trading" for at least 10 days helps you to manage your psychology in a great way. How to understand the right moment in which you are ready to invest in “real mode”.
Giacomo Bruno is the “father of ebooks”. Author of 25 Bestseller Books, in 2002 has brought the ebooks for training to Italy, which helped more than 1.800.000 people since then. He is the creator of Rally Trading™ system which reveals the growth schemes of the greatest part of cryptocurrencies. He is also founder of Rally Club™, the meeting point for hundreds of cryptocurrencies experts. For info: www.rallytrading.it/en




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