Leading on the Edge- Rachael Robertson

9 Std. 6 Min.


What can an Antarctic expedition teach you about leadership? More than you might think!

If you think your job is tough, try leading a one-year expedition where you’re on duty all day, every day. Where it’s cold, windy, dark and desolate. And you’re stuck inside with 17 strangers.

Rachael Robertson was one of the youngest people to ever lead an Antarctic expedition and one of the first women. In this incredible pressure-cooker environment, Rachael was forced to develop strategies to deal with the isolation,
scrutiny and demands of extreme leadership. With no way in, and no way out, she had to make it work.

An inspiring leadership story packed with ideas, insights and strategies, Leading on the Edge will teach you how to:
• deal effectively with ambiguity and the grey areas leaders face
• generate trust and loyalty in those around you
• understand why respect is more critical than harmony
• check in on people, track progress and manage risk
• inspire through the lean times and lead through the tough times
• survive the scrutiny of leadership and look after yourself.

Whether you lead or aspire to lead, this book is your guide to becoming an authentic, resilient, innovative leader who gets the best out of your team.





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9 Std. 6 Min.





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