Family planning: Mental preparation for starting a family, getting pregnant and setting goals for your life (Meditation and visualization)
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Do you want to prepare mentally for getting pregnant and having a family? Keep on reading to learn more about preparing yourself to achieve your goals.

When was the last time you reflected on the way you want to live your life? This audiobook will provide guidance to set and achieve goals for your private life. While relaxing, get clearer on your life goals and imagine your future life with this visualization. These mental techniques are proven to bring you closer to achieving your goals. Take some time to get closer to your deep desires and reflect on your future plans.

  This audiobook contains brief background information about how our minds work and how listening to this audiobook can help you achieve your family goals by relaxing and dreaming.

Why to choose this meditation audiobook:

• The audiobook provides brief scientific background information about its benefits

• It will help you reflect on your life goals and imagine the life you want to live

• It lets you choose from different meditation and visualization versions with and without relaxing background music

• The audiobook makes it easy for you to take relaxing timeouts, reduce stress and get clearer on the future you imagine for yourself

Now start getting closer your desired pregnancy and family life by listening to the audiobook.

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