A former superintendent of the West Point military academy and a psychologist explain why all successful leaders rely on a foundation of strong character. The Character Edge is a ground-breaking leadership book that shows you how to win the right way.

From the battlefield to the classroom, General Caslen and Dr Matthews have witnessed first-hand the vital link between strong character and strong leadership, and how the latter cannot exist without the former. Competence matters, but without character leadership ultimately fails. And the co-authors are increasingly troubled by the prevalence of character failures in society today: dishonest politicians, CEOs committing fraud, disgraced military commanders and cheating athletes are among many other ‘win at any cost’ stories dominating the news.

The Character Edge weaves stories from their own lives and myriad other leaders with new research about how to classify, measure and cultivate character. The book is the first of its kind in employing the insights of a decorated military leader together with the knowledge of a prominent positive psychologist. It provides a compelling case for the powerful role character plays in trust, culture and leadership, and it offers readers tools to exercise and strengthen their own character.

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