A Gentleman of Courage

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Accused of a murder he didn't commit, an innocent man seeks refuge in the Canadian wilderness. Can he prove his innocence before it's too late?

When a man bravely stands up to a bully, he becomes the victim of a murder hunt. As the Canadian Mounties close in, he must try his best at proving his innocence before they catch up to him.

Set on the banks of Lake Superior in the 1890s in a French-Canadian pioneer village, it is a compelling tale of love, kinship, and adventure.

‘A Gentleman of Courage’ is perfect for fans of Jack London.

James Oliver Curwood (1878–1927) was an American writer, journalist, and conservationist, best known for his action and adventure stories such as ‘The Valley of Silent Men’ (1920), ‘The Flaming Forest’ (1921), 'Kazan’ (1914), and ‘The Grizzly King’ (1916).

His books were often based on adventures set around the Hudson Bay area, Yukon or Alaska and were inspired by his love of nature and passion for conservation.

A prolific writer, Curwood was a hugely successful and popular author, and his stories have been adapted for TV and film on multiple occasions. His other works of note include ‘The Danger Trail’, ‘The Flower of the North’, ‘Nomads of the North’, ‘The River's End’, and ‘Baree, Son of Kazan’.



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