A Deadly Match - Mydworth Mysteries - A Cosy Historical Mystery Series, Episode 13 (Unabridged)

- Matthew Costello, Neil Richards

Bewertung 4.3
3 Std. 34 Min.
Mydworth Mysteries


From the authors of the best-selling series CHERRINGHAM

When heart-throb American tennis coach Todd Winters careens off the road in his speeding car one night and plunges in the river, it seems like a tragic accident. But Winters was a young man with many dangerous secrets, and Harry and Kat discover there's no shortage of people who wanted him out of the picture. Soon they discover clear evidence: the accident was no accident at all. And now Harry and Kat had best be careful too... even in the genteel world of the Mydworth Lawn Tennis Club, a desperate murderer could be ready to kill again.

Nathaniel Parker, born in 1962, graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and went on to join the Royal Shakespeare Company. His television career began in 1988 when he played Flying Officer 'Flash' Gordon in the LWT mini-series "Piece of Cake". He is also the lead in the BBC series "The Inspector Lynley Mysteries", based on the novels by Elizabeth George. Nathaniel Parker has an extensive list of audio books to his credit, ranging from the classics of Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy to more modern writings and children's books.






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3 Std. 34 Min.





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