75+ Bedtime Cosy Mystery Tales- Robert Barr

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This unique Murder Mystery collection includes: _x000D_ The Mystery of the Five Hundred Diamonds_x000D_ The Siamese Twin of a Bomb-Thrower_x000D_ The Clue of the Silver Spoons_x000D_ Lord Chizelrigg's Missing Fortune_x000D_ The Absent-Minded Coterie_x000D_ The Ghost with the Club-Foot_x000D_ The Liberation of Wyoming Ed_x000D_ Lady Alicia's Emeralds_x000D_ The Adventures of Sherlaw Kombs_x000D_ The Adventure of the Second Swag_x000D_ An Alpine Divorce _x000D_ Which Was The Murderer? _x000D_ A Dynamite Explosion _x000D_ An Electrical Slip _x000D_ The Vengeance of the Dead _x000D_ Over The Stelvio Pass _x000D_ The Hour and the Man _x000D_ "And the Rigour of the Game"_x000D_ The Woman of Stone _x000D_ The Chemistry of Anarchy_x000D_ The Fear of It _x000D_ The Metamorphoses of Johnson _x000D_ The Reclamation of Joe Hollends _x000D_ The Type-Written Letter _x000D_ A New Explosive _x000D_ The Great Pegram Mystery _x000D_ Playing With Marked Cards_x000D_ The Count's Apology_x000D_ Converted_x000D_ An Invitation_x000D_ The Long Ladder_x000D_ "Gentlemen: The King!"_x000D_ The Hour-Glass_x000D_ In a Steamer Chair_x000D_ Mrs. Tremain_x000D_ A Society for the Reformation of Poker Players_x000D_ The Terrible Experience of Plodkins_x000D_ A Case of Fever_x000D_ How the Captain Got His Steamer Out_x000D_ Miss McMillan_x000D_ "How Finley McGillis Held the Pier"_x000D_ How to Write a Short Story . . ._x000D_ Literary Article:_x000D_ "Canadian literature"_x000D_ Robert Barr (1849–1912) was a Scottish-Canadian short story writer and novelist, born in Glasgow, Scotland. His famous detective character Eugéne Valmont, fashioned after Sherlock Holmes, is said to be the inspiration behind Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.
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