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Codename: Silverwolf series

- Pierpaolo Maiorano



Codename Silverwolf series
The beginning! The genesis of a controversial and mysterious character.
Mario's past is finally revealed. From that day when everything changed and which contributed in making him what he is today... A determined and tenacious person, a man who is respected by everyone - friends and enemies - for his fairness and availability.
His American adventure, some of the missions he solved with wit and intuition.
He escaped from Italy because some men of the Camorra wanted him dead, and after spending a year in Asia, Mario arrives in Philadelphia determined to start a new life. He is greeted by an agent of the American intelligence who offers him to become one of theirs. Remembering what happened to him in April 1990, when he met Harby Crawbson and his troubles began, he refuses the offer. But Harby makes his life difficult and eventually he gives in, becoming a secret agent.
Soon he becomes the team's focal point and includes us in some missions which he solves with skill, intuition and stubbornness during his American adventure.
But when he thinks that this is what his life has become, he finds himself forced to run away... AGAIN!




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Pierpaolo Maiorano

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