10 nursery tales for little kids
Little children need tales and stories, for they play an essential part in their development by awakening their imagination, introducing them to symbolic imagery, and bringing forth emotions in a healthy, constructive way. Our audiobook collection brings together the fairy tales, stories, myths and legends which have fed the children of many generations in the years when the imagination is awakening and craving stimulus and material to work upon. This compilation is specially designed for small children and includes classic tales narrated in a warm and lively way: The Fox and the Cat; The Mouse and the Sausage; The Three Bears; The Little Shepherd Boy; The Sweet Soup; The Three Little Pigs; The Wren and the Bear; The Three Brothers; Why the Bear has a Stumpy Tail; The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean; The Rats and their Son-in-law; The Story of Pretty Goldilocks.
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